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A notebook computer or a laptop computer is driven by a battery power source. Employed as the battery power source is a battery pack including a rechargeable battery and a protective circuit for protecting the rechargeable battery from overcharging and overdischarging. The vast majority of such battery packs use either lithium cells, or nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride cells. In a laptop computer, a battery pack which includes lithium-ion secondary batteries within a plastic outer case has flat and rectangular shaped top and bottom. The battery pack is inserted into the notebook computer when it is used. When electric power is not enough, the battery board is drawn out from the notebook computer and is charged by a battery charger.

Listings on Batteries : Laptop batteries

  • Alliance International Electronics Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of laptop battery, digital camera battery, video camcorder battery, power tool battery, barcode scanner battery, laptop adaptor, and printer battery. China.
  • Asia I.T. Component
    Manufacturer of laptop batteries such as IBM battery, HP battery, Compaq battery, DELL battery, Toshiba battery, Sony battery, and Apple battery. China.
  • Chaopai Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Li-battery pack manufacturer and supplier of notebook external battery, digital camera and camcorder battery, and PDA external battery. China.
  • Creup Technologies Ltd.
    Produces lithium Ion prismatic cells and lithium polymer cells for laptop computer, PDAs, digital camera, camcorder, portable DVD player, MP3/MP4 player, and cellular phones. China.
  • EVE Battery Co., Ltd.
    Produces lithium batteries including cell phone battery, DVD battery, digital camera battery, game-machine battery, portable computer battery, and PDA battery. China.
  • Goldenbattery Tech
    Specializes in design, manufacture and assembly of rechargeable battery packs for laptops, digital cameras, camcorders, and PDAs. China.
  • HYB Battery Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of polymer Li-ion battery cells, cylindrical Li-ion battery cells, prismatic Li-ion battery cells, and high capacity Li-ion battery cells for laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, and bluetooth products, etc. China.
  • Moyoto Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of lithium-Ion/Ni-Mh rechargeable battery packs and chargers. Porducts include PDA battery, notebook battery, digital camera and camcorder battery, and chargers. China.
  • Peacebay Power Co., Ltd.
    Designs and manufactures Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and batteries packs for digital cameras, camcorders, two-way radios, cordless phones, and laptop computer. China.
  • Shenzhen Jixinglong Industry Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of a diversified range of laptop batteries including Li batteries, Li-ion batteries, button Li batteries, and Ni-Hi batteries for IBM, Dell, Toshiba, Compaq, Sony, and HP laptops and notebooks. China.
  • Sorama Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures rechargeable batteries including Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Li-ion batteries and battery packs for cell phones, laptop computers, and interphones. China.
  • Sunpow Industrial Limited
    Research, development, manufacturing of power solutions, providing battery and charger for PDA, DVD, barcode scanner, two way radio, cellular phone, digital camera, camcorder, laptop, professional camcorder, UPS, eletric bicycle, and MP3, etc. China.
  • Top Battery Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in manufacturing Ni-MH, Ni-CD, Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries and battery packs for laptops, cell phones, camcorders, digital cameras, and MP3 players. China.

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