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Disposable batteries, or primary batteries, are non-rechargeable batteries whose initial capacity cannot be restored by charging. Consumers use primary consumer batteries in portable electronic devices such as radios, compact disc players, cameras, cellular phones, electronic games, toys, pagers, and computer devices. When the run time of these batteries is over, the batteries are usually thrown away. The most commercially priamary alkaline batteries have been cylindrical cells of the well known "AAA", "AA", "C" and "D" sizes. Generally, such alkaline cylindrical batteries comprise a cathode which is a mixture of manganese dioxide, MnO.sub.2, and a carbonaceous material, typically graphite.

Listings on Batteries : Disposable batteries

  • AA Portable Power Corp.
    Specializes in all kinds of rechargeable batteries and chargers, including NiMH, NiCd, Li-ion and lithium single cells, battery packs for cordless phone, cell phone, digital camera. USA.
  • Autec Power Systems
    Manufacturer of Li-SOCL2 batteries, Li-MnO2 batteries, Li-ion batteries, Li-ion polymers, Ni-MH batteries, Ni-CD batteries, alkaline batteries, battery packs, and power supplies. USA.
  • Changzhou Daily-max Battery Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of silver oxide button cells (SR), lithium manganese button cells (CR), alkaline batteries (LR) and zinc manganese batteries. China.
  • EaglePicher Commercial Power Solutions
    Manufactures rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, including lithium ion battries, NiMH batteries, lithium sulfur dioxide batteries, and other chemistries in a wide range of custom and standard sizes. USA.
  • Excell Battery Company
    Manufactures lithium, alkaline, Ni-Cad, NiMH, lead acid, lithium-ion, and high temperature lithium battery packs and batteries for industrial and specialized applications.
  • Full Power International Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of chargeable battery, rechargeable battery, disposable battery, cell phone battery, digital camera battery, lithium battery, nickel metal battery, and nickel cadmium battery. Taiwan, China.
  • Mathews Associates, Inc.
    Manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, primary batteries, custom battery configurations, battery chargers, handcrank generators, solar panels, and battery boxes. USA.
  • Ultralife Batteries, Inc.
    Develops, manufactures and markets lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries, li-ion batteries, li ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, military batteries, 9V batteries, thin cell batteries, hirate batteries, primary batteries, battery packs, and custom batteries. USA.
  • Varta Microbattery Inc.
    Research and production of electrochemical energy storage systems for electronic devices. Products include lithium cylindrical battery, lithium button battery, alkaline manganese battery, and Ni-MH button battery. USA.

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