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Digital cameras can photograph an object in a simple operation similar to that of conventional silver halide cameras. Digital camera devices typically process and compress the captured image data before storing the processed image data into internal or external memory devices. A digital camera has a liquid crystal display panel displays an image, and image data is read and written. Higher electric power is used in the digital camera than in comparison with a photographic camera. Digital cameras are provided with a rechargeable battery cartridge or power pack such as a rechargeable lithium ion cartridge. The rechargeable cartridge has a housing designed to fit and lock in place within a receiving cavity within the imaging device to be powered. The negative and positive terminals on the cartridge housing are oriented to contact negative and positive contacts within the device to be powered.

Listings on Batteries : Digital camera battery

  • Alpack Battery Co., Ltd.
    Produces battery packs for cell-phones, camcorders, digital cameras, PDA, medical devices, GPS locators, and notebook PC. China.
  • Celltech Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of digital camera batteries and bhargers, laptop batteries and adapters, two-way radio batteries and chargers, mobile phone batteries and chargers, and play game battery. China.
  • Eurotronic Products GmbH
    Manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, battery packs, battery packs, lithium batteries, nickel hydride batteries, and mobile phone batteries. Germany.
  • Firstar Battery Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of digital camera batteries (Li-ion battery packs), camcorder batteries (Li-ion battery packs), and battery chargers. China.
  • GBP Battery Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and chargers. Products include digital camera and camcorder battery packs, mobile phone battery packs, notebook battery packs, and automotive cells. China.
  • Greencell Power Source Co., Ltd.
    Produces digital camera battery, camcorder battery, laptop battery, portable battery, universal external battery, and battery chargers. China.
  • HCT Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures mobile phone battery pack, digital camera and camcorder battery pack, interphone battery, notebook battery, electronic toy battery, flashing battery, and battery chargers. China.
  • Laiersheng Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Produces mobile phone batteries, digital camera batteries, video camcorder batteries, battery chargers, AA AAA 9V rechargeable batteries, and laptop batteries. China.
  • Ningbo Keqiang Battery Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of digital camera batteries, camcorder batteries, cellular phone batteries, PDA batteries, notebook batteries, and DVD batteries. China.
  • Yongsheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of digital camera and camcorder batteries, laptop batteries, battery chargers, AC adapters, and PSP batteries. China.

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