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Mobile communication has been playing an important role in the rapidly developed technological fields. The use of cellular phones has become widespread in recent years. The mobile phone is characterized in the convenience it provides in electronic communication, and it enables a user to keep contact with others at any place and at any time. Cellular phone employ a rechargeable direct current power source for powering a circuit which controls the functioning of the phone. Various types of rechargeable battery packs are known for use with hand-held electronic equipment such as video camcorders, notebook computers and especially cellular telephones. Most cell phone battery packs use either lithium cells, or nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride cells. A battery latch assembly is used to hold the battery pack to the phone housing. The battery pack must be securely attached to the phone housing so that a secure electrical contact is formed between the battery supply and the phone's electrical circuitry.

Listings on Batteries : Cell phone battery

  • Better Power Electric Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of digital camera battery, video camcorder battery, cellular phone battery, walkie-talkie battery, laptop computer battery, electronic toys battery and mobile phone charger. China.
  • Guangdong Weiliwang Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of cell phone batteries, chargers, data cable, digital camera batteries, portable DVD batteries, laptop batteries, and camcorder batteries. China.
  • Guangzhou Tecyea Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Produces power packs and battery packs for cell phones, DSC, camcorders, PDAs, MP3 players, PMP, video game players, and bluetooth products. China.
  • Hualitong Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Specialized manufacturer of cell phone batteries and chargers including batteries for Motorola, Nokia and Samsung, travel charger, car charger, protable charger, and universal desktop charger. China.
  • Intellect Brothers Ltd.
    Produces mobile phone battery, digital camera battery, PDA battery, high rate discharge battery, Ni-Mh rechargeable battery, and battery chargers. China.
  • Legend Electronic Factory
    Specialized manufacturer of cell phone batteries, DC and DV batteries and battery chargers. China.
  • Loyal Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of cell phone battery, flash battery, digital camera battery, battery chargers, and wireless earphones. China.
  • Narada Power Source Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of polymer lithium ion cells, polymer lithium ion batteries, mobile phone battery cells, PDA and PMP battery cells, portable DVD player battery cells, and laptop battery cells. China.
  • Power Battery Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of mobile phone battery, digital camera battery and laptop battery. Also specializes in other battery products, including alkali batteries, carbon batteries, Ni-Hy batteries, and NI-Cd batteries. China.
  • Pro-Power Communication
    Manufacturer of fuel cells, solar cells, and variety battery packs for cellular phones, two-way radios, and camcorders. Korea.
  • Shenzhen All-round Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of cell phone batteries, cell phone chargers, digital camera battery and Vidicon battery, and car transformer adapter. China.
  • Shenzhen Kosun Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of cell phone batteries, mobile phone car chargers, digital camera batteries, battery chargers, and USB data cable. China.
  • Shenzhen Yalitong Industry Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of mobile phone batteries, digital camera batteries, AC/DC switch adapters, battery packs, chargers and earphones. China.

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