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A camcorder is a portable electronic device for recording video live-motion video/audio signals onto a storage device. It's a combination of camera and recorder in one unit. Camcorders are self-contained camera recorder units which allow recording and ususally play back, of live events. A lithium battery is generally used as an electric power source for camcorder since the battery is easy to carry and is easy to mount on the electronic device. Lithium battery comprises lithium metal as a cathode active material and manganese dioxide as an anode active material. The lithium battery also includes an electrolyte which includes an inorganic electrolyte dissolved in a nonaqueous solvent containing propylene carbonate. The lithium battery has a low self-discharge and a high energy density. Camcorder battery packs are generally limited to use with a single brand of camcorder.

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  • DKing Media International (H.K.) Limited
    Specializes in manufacturing battery packs and battery chargers for laptops and notebooks, camcorders and digital cameras, PSP and other portable devices. Hong Kong, China.
  • Laiersheng Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of digital camera batteries and chargers, video camcorder batteries and chargers, mobile phone batteries and chargers, polymer Li-ion batteries, and lithium-ion button batteries. China.
  • Proactive UK Ltd.
    Manufacturer of lithium ion and Ni-MH batteries for camcorders and broadcast camera equipment. Also offer battery chargers, adaptors and lighting kits. UK.
  • Quawin Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of camcorder battery, cell phone battery, digital camera battery, PDA battery, consumer battery, cordless phine battery, rechargeable battery, and battery chargers. China.
  • Shenzhen Yilon Communication Tech Factory
    Manufacturer of digital camcorder batteries, mobile phone batteries, flashing mobile phone hand chargers, flashing mobile phone back covers, and mobile phone hand chargers. China.
  • Wisdom Industrial Enterprise Ltd.
    Produces battery packs, cell phone battery, digital camera battery, camcorder battery, laptop battery, notebook battery and adaptor, two-way radio batteries, and rechargeable batteries. China.

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