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Battery testers are used to test storage batteries. Commercially available battery testers are typically of the thin film heat responsive type. This type of tester contains a thermochromic material in thermal contact with an electrically conductive element. In a thermochromic battery tester there can be two electrodes that are connected by a consumer manually depressing a switch. Once the switch is depressed the consumer has connected an anode of the battery to a cathode of the battery cell through the thermochromic tester. Thermochromic testers include a calibrated resistor that is selectively coupled to the opposite poles of the battery through a switch that may be provided at either or both ends of the calibrated resistor. The thermochromic tester includes a silver conductor that has a variable width so that the resistance of the conductor also varies along its width. Electrochromic testers differ from thermochromic testers in that the display layer changes color directly in response to the "open circuit voltage" of the battery. The accuracy of an electrochromic tester is determined by the rate of change of the open circuit voltage of the battery with depth of discharge and the sharpness of the change of intensity of the electrochromic display with voltage.

Listings on Batteries : Battery testers

  • Alber Corp
    Designs and manufactures storage battery monitoring and test equipment, including data acquisition systems, continuous load units, battery multimeters, digital low resistance ohmmeters, single cell test systems, single cell chargers, and battery monitoring systems. USA.
  • Arbin Instruments Inc.
    Designs and manufactures electronic systems for testing energy storage and energy conversion devices. Provides test systems for batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, and others related. USA.
  • Insung Electronics
    Manufacturer of battery testers, digital thermometers, battery packs, power jump starters, and circuit testers. Korea.
  • Konstar Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of battery testers, battery chargers, UPS, auto-voltage regulators, inverters, photocontrols, door chimes, gas cylinder valves. China.
  • LaMantia Products Ltd.
    Manufacturer of programmable battery testers, programmable battery chargers, battery analyzers and battery software tools. Canada.
  • Megger Limited
    Offers a wide variety of test and measurement equipment including battery test equipment, circuit breaker test equipment, power multimeter, transformer test equipment, and fiber optics meters.
  • Nana Industries
    Manufacturer of battery chargers, battery testers, engine cranker, hour meter, DC solenoids, pulse counters, and rectifiers. India.
  • Vencon Technologies Inc.
    Manufacturer of PC controlled battery analyzer, battery quick testers, battery reconditioners, battery chargers and reconditioner for NiCd, LiIon, NiMH, lead acid and primary cells. Canada.
  • Wenzhou Precision Instrument Factory
    Specializes in manufacturing battery testers, analog and digital multimeter, panel meter, clamp meter, and DC power supply. China.
  • Zhejiang Dinsi Electronic Co., Ltd .
    Manufacturer of battery testers, battery chargers, battery booster cables, twin welding hose reels, and magnetic core drills. China.

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