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Most cordless electronic devices have a battery pack made integrally in the device housing because of reduced cost, increased end user convenience and sturdiness. Battery cells in battery pack for portable information appliances are of two major categories, i.e., nickel metal hydride (NiMH) and lithium ion (Li-ion), because of their relatively high energy density. Various types of rechargeable battery packs are known for use with hand-held electronic equipment such as video camcorders, notebook computers and especially cellular telephones. The rechargeable battery packs are removable from a battery powered device for a number of reasons. A reason for providing a removable rechargeable battery pack is that one battery pack can be remotely charged while another is being used in the battery powered device. The typical rechargeable battery pack has one or more rechargeable batteries coupled in series together. Two terminals of the rechargeable battery pack are coupled to each end terminal of the series of rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable batteries are encased into a rechargeable battery case with a positive battery pack terminal protruding through an opening in one side of the case and a negative battery pack terminal protruding through another opening in the other side of the case in order to make contact with charging terminals of a battery pack charger. Generally speaking, battery pack structures are determined by battery cell configurations. The typical rechargeable battery pack case is rectangularly shaped. All battery packs are not interchangeable with each other because of the design limitation so that customers cannot replace the battery pack unless from original device maker. Users are confined by inflexible battery pack form factor.

Listings on Batteries : Battery packs

  • Advanced Battery Systems
    Specializes in custom battery pack assembly for aerospace, robotics, GPS, computers, medical, environmental, and data acquisition. USA.
  • Alexander Technologies
    Manufacturer of batteries and battery maintenance equipment including rechargeable battery packs and battery chargers for portable devices. UK.
  • APak Batteries
    Custom-designs battery packs for aerospace applications, OEM instrumentation, oceanographic applications and hobby batteries. USA.
  • Cell-Con Incorporated
    Manufacturer of standard and custom power systems consisting of smart battery chargers, fast chargers, battery packs, AC and DC linear power supplies, and battery analyzers. USA.
  • Euleco Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Produces a wide rang of standard and customized rechargeable battery, battery packs, and accessories for two-way radio. China.
  • Fattafa Ltd.
    Designs and produces high performance batteries and battery packs and chargers for digital cameras, pocket PC, laptops, camcorders and cellular phones. Hong Kong, China.
  • Inspired Energy Inc.
    Development and production of portable power electronic products and systems including battery design, electronics design, battery chargers, circuit board manufacturing and pack assembly. USA.
  • Nanhai Yanbu Ducheng Battery Factory
    Manufacturer and exporter of battery packs such as FM radio battery pack, mirror battery pack, and photo frame battery pack. China.
  • National Power Corporation
    Manufacturer of custom design, development and assembly of battery packs, specializing in SMART solutions for medical and homeland security systems. USA.
  • Nexergy, Inc.
    Designer and manufacturer of custom battery packs and chargers, offers subcontract electronic assembly services. USA.
  • Progressive Technologies, Inc.
    Custom designs and manufactures industrial rechargeable battery packs for the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) used in computers, camcorders, tools, medical equipment, military applications, metering, mining, and handheld communications equipment. USA.
  • Shenzhen Yingji Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures rechargeable battery packs and multi-chargers for digital cameras, video camcorders and other digital products. China.
  • Sole Energy Tech Corp
    Specialized in the production of high-capacity smart battery packs including lithium-ion battery pack and Li-polymer battery pack. Products include notebook battery pack, consumer electronic appliance battery packs such as those for MP3 players, digital cameras, mobile phone, commercial/industrial purpose PDAs, portable barcode scanners and battery pack for domestic/international defense industries. Taiwan, China.
  • SouthWest Electronic Energy Group
    Specializes in design and production of custom battery packs, battery chargers, cable/wire harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies for OEM, EOEM and MRO customers in diverse fields, including the oilfield services, seismic, pipeline inspection, medical, military, remote monitoring and process control, marine, aerospace, telecommunications and homeland security.
  • Tracer Technologies, Inc.
    Specializes in the manufacture of lithium based cells and battery packs for laptops and specialty batteries. USA.
  • Ventronics Inc.
    Manufacturer of magnetics, semiconductors, capacitors, metal oxide varistors, relays, batteries, battery packs, and battery testers. USA.
  • Zhongshan Mingji Battery Co., Ltd.
    Produces lithium-ion, nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium cellular phone batteries, battery packs for video cameras, and industrial batteries. China.

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