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Electronic devices requiring portable power sources typically have compartments for housing batteries, battery packs, or battery holders, the battery packs or battery holders having batteries therein. Battery holders have been employed for holding various forms of batteries, such as back up batteries for real time clocks in desk top computers. The placement and keeping of dry batteries are often connected with the electrical appliances or products used. A battery holder receives and retains a dry battery, it comprises a cylindrical body having a first flat end surface, serving as a negative terminal, and a second end surface from which a cylinder concentrically projects, serving as a positive terminal. There are some dry batteries which are stored separately from the electrical appliances used. In addition, there are also battery chargers for keeping rechargeable nickel-cadium batteries, which may be recharged when the battery chargers are connected to an AC electric power source which is rectified to lower its voltage.

Listings on Batteries : Battery holders

  • Acme Model Engineering Co.
    Produces AAA cell aluminum holders, N cell battery holders, AA cell plastic holders, C cell aluminum holders, 9-volt aluminum holders, battery contacts, and fahnestock clips. USA.
  • American Battery Charging, Inc.
    Manufacturer of battery enclosures, power supplies , DC regulators, DC controls, industrial and railroad battery chargers. USA.
  • Bulgin Components PLC
    Manufacturer of battery holders for 1/2AA, AAA, C, D, and PP3 size batteries, IEC connectors, fuseholders, and IEC cords sets. UK.
  • Concord Electronics Corporation
    Manufacturer of electronic component hardware, interconnects and test accessories such as battery holders, cable assemblies, terminal strips, and test adapters. USA.
  • East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc.
    Produces batteries, cable and wire products as well as a full line of battery accessory products for the industrial, automotive, commercial, marine, stationary and specialty markets. USA.
  • Keystone Electronics Corp.
    Manufacturer of electronic interconnect products and hardware including aluminum and plastic battery holders, fuse clips and fuse holders, terminals, and brackets. USA.

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