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Rechargeable batteries are widely used in a lot of portable or mobile electrical and electronic devices or appliances such as, cellular phones or cordless telephones, remote repeaters, remote control units, remote sensors, portable lighting devices, portable radios, portable drills and many other devices. These batteries need to be routinely charged. A battery charger is a power supply with controllable voltage and current limits. Battery chargers are often provided as either internal or external devices to be used to recharge these batteries. To charge the battery, the battery terminals are connected to the charger terminals to connect the battery cells to the charging circuit, and the charging circuit is connected to a power source to selectively supply power to the battery cell to charge the battery cell. Chargers are commonly divided into uncontrolled and controlled chargers. The simplest uncontrolled charger consists of a low frequency power transformer along with an uncontrolled bridge rectifier. Controlled chargers offer the ability to control the charging current as well as to implement both constant-voltage and constant-current charging methods. Controlled battery chargers can be classified into two general groups; linear regulator battery chargers and switching regulator battery chargers. Conventional linear regulator battery chargers typically employ single stage charge control with hardware-based voltage regulation. The external current limit circuit generally requires tight voltage regulation to ensure that the current is limited to below a level that could damage the battery. Switch mode power supply (SMPS) based chargers offer offer high efficiency power conversion due to high frequency operation. The high frequency power conversion stage results in significant size reduction for the energy storage elements (transformers, inductors, and capacitors).

Listings on Batteries : Battery chargers

  • Anoma Corporation
    Manufacturer of switching power supplies, AC/DC adaptors, table top supplies, battery chargers, power transformers, and custom external solutions. China.
  • Best Wisdom Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures lithium, nickel metal, Li polymer batteries and chargers for mobile phones, cordless phones, digital cameras, camcorders, and bluetooth products. China.
  • Cadex Electronics Inc.
    Manufacturer of battery analyzers, chargers, battery rapid-testers, and maintenance systems for portable batteries. Canada.
  • Dubas Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
    Manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, battery chargers, UPS systems, servo controlled voltage stabilizers and frequency converters. India.
  • Energy Storage Instruments
    Design and manufacture of battery chargers, analyzers and related battery testing equipment for nickel cadmium - NiCd, nickel metal hydride - NiMh, lead acid and Li-Ion type rechargeable batteries.
  • Guangzhou Moden Energy Battery Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures Ni-MH battery chargers, digital product chargers, cellular phone batteries, DVD batteries, PDA batteries, lap-top computer batteries, digital camera batteries. China.
  • Intelligent Technologies LLC
    Manufactures battery chargers, custom battery, analyzers, conditioners and testers for portable products. USA.
  • IOTA Engineering
    Manufacturer of DLS power converters/chargers, ITS transfer switches, fluorescent emergency battery packs, DC inverter ballasts, heavy duty solid state voltage regulators. USA.
  • New Electronics Ab
    Manufacturer of PC-board charger modules for sealed lead acid and NiMH batteries, NiCd and NiMH batteries, Li-Ion and NiMH batteries, sealed lead acid and NiMH batteries. Finland.
  • Newmar
    Manufacturer of battery chargers, power supplies and converters, electrical panels and accessories for communication, navigation and industrial applications. USA.
  • Shenzhen Mallerf Tech. Co., Ltd.
    Produces solar charger, battery chagers, MP3 charger, batteries and battery packs for cell phones, bluetooth adapters, digital camera and camcorder batteries. China.
  • Stored Energy Systems
    Produces DC power systems, filtered chargers, engine start battery chargers, open-frame chargers, nickel-cadmium and lead-acid batteries, relay racks, enclosures, and drip shields. USA.
  • Zhongshan Huayu Electronic Factory
    Manufacturer of travel chargers and car chargers for mobile phones, chargers for digital cameras and portable computers, and digital pick-up cameras. China.

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