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Automotive batteries provide power for the vehicle's starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) components of the car. The primary function of the automotive battery is to provide sufficient high electric current at short intervals to crank the internal combustion engine in order that it may start. Generally the automotive battery puts out a few hundred amperes of current for a few seconds of the starting period. Another important function which must also be provided is that of reserve current to provide lighting and ignition for the vehicle if the vehicle's generator is not operating. A battery charging system is coupled to the engine and is powered by the engine when the vehicle is running. The charging system (which consists of an alternator, rectifier, regulator, voltage and current controllers) is used to charge the storage battery when the vehicle is operating. Normally an automotive battery can last for a relatively long time since its charge is refreshed continuously as the vehicle is operated.

Listings on Batteries : Automotive batteries

  • Anxi Minhua Batteries Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of motorcycle battery, automotive battery, VRLA battery and electrode plate for sealed lead acid battery. China.
  • Exide Battery Corporation
    Manufacturer of lead acid batteries, deep cycle batteries, automotive batteries, marine batteries, RV batteries, light truck batteries, commercial batteries. USA.
  • Hangzhou Huitong Industry Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of motorcycle battery, electrical vehicle battery, automobile battery, roller chains, automotive axles, electric scooter and vehicles. China.
  • Icon Batteries Industries
    Manufacturer of a variety of lead acid batteries and UPS for automotive and industrial application. India.
  • Optima Batteries, Inc.
    Manufacturer of automotive batteries, marine batteries, and deep cycle batteries. USA.
  • Zhejiang Chaowei Power Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of automotive battery, motorcycle battery, rechargeable sealed battery, motive power traction battery, and battery for motive power application. China.

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