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Alkaline batteries have assumed increasing importance in commercial markets both for home appliances and in many industrial applications. Alkaline batteries commonly used are called as sintered batteries, and have structures in which nickel hydroxide is loaded in a micro-porous substrate formed of a perforated steel sheet to which nickel powder is sintered. Generally, alkaline batteries have a cathode, an anode, a separator and an alkaline electrolyte solution. The cathode can include a cathode material (manganese dioxide or nickel oxyhydroxide), carbon particles that enhance the conductivity of the cathode, and a binder. The anode can be formed of a gel including zinc particles. The separator is disposed between the cathode and the anode. The alkaline electrolyte solution, which is dispersed throughout the battery, can be an aqueous hydroxide solution such as potassium hydroxide. Sealed alkaline batteries are of considerable importance as a source of energy. Their long shelf life, high efficiency, and reasonable charge and discharge rates make them highly desirable for many applications. sealed alkaline batteries are often used as a source of power in remote outdoor locations.

Listings on Batteries : Alkaline battery

  • 777 Battery Industrial Company
    Manufacturer of alkaline manganese battery, standard battery, mercury free battery, rechargeable battery, and lantern battery. China.
  • ATC Batteries Industry Co., Ltd.
    Produces alkaline battery, heavy duty, industrial batteries, lithium button cells, alkaline button cells, and silver oxide battery. China.
  • Jiaxing Hengwei Battery Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of alkaline battery, carbon battery, dry battery, AA battery, and heavy duty battery. China.
  • Ningbo Osel Battery Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of alkaline manganese, zinc manganese and lithium cells, Ni-mh, Ni-cd rechargeable batteries. China.
  • Shenzhen Tinko Power Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of alkaline battery, heavy duty battery, button alkaline battery, button lithium battery, silver battery, photo battery, and heavy duty battery. China.
  • Siomar Battery Industries
    Manufacturer of rechargeable lithium, lead-acid, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and alkaline battery. Australia.

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