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A disc player for playing back a disc such as a CD or an MD comprises a turntable on which a disc is to be placed, and a turntable driving device for rotating the turntable. A compact disk player (CD player) carries out an a operation in which a CD is loaded on a turntable which is anchored to a rotational shaft of a spindle motor, in which the spindle motor is driven, and in which a signal which was recorded by an optical pickup is reproduced while the CD is rotated together with the turntable. A turntable device is employed as a disc rotator in a disc driving apparatus for recording media such as CD and MO disc. In a reproducing apparatus for signals recorded on a disc, a video disc, for example, is set on a turntable, and a reproducing stylus is brought into contact with the video disc to reproduce information recorded on the disc. The turntable spins at a rotational speed ranging from hundreds rpm to thousands rpm. The information is composed of video and audio signals, and is recorded with very high density according to PCM (pulse code modulation) recording system.

Listings on Audio electronics : Turntables

  • Acoustic Signature
    Specializes in producing and developing fine high-end turntables. Germany.
  • Audio Tekne Incorporated
    Manufacturer of main amplifer, flat amplifer, equalizer amplifer, speakers systems, turntables, cartridges, cables and accessories. Japan.
  • HÝrning Hybrid Systems
    Manufacturer of turntables, SATI amplifiers, loudspeakers, and lowther units. Denmark.
  • J.A.Michell Engineering Ltd.
    Manufacturer of turntables, phono stages, tonearms, and audio accessories. UK.
  • Pro-Ject Audio Systems
    Manufacturer of turntables, cartridges, tonearms and accessories. Austria.
  • Teres Audio
    Manufacturer of of turntables and components built with acrylic, baltic birch and lead. USA.
  • The Bluenote s.r.l.
    Manufactures turntables, tone arms, cartridge, CD players, phono amplifiers, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and hi-fi accesories. Italy.
  • Witchdoctor Audio
    Manufacturer of tube amplifiers, turntables, cartridges, preamplifiers, speakers, interconnects, cables and accessories. USA.

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