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Current home entertainment systems generally require their speakers to be hard-wired back to the main system components. With the advent of smaller portable electronic devices that have greater functional features, the technology is emerging to provide a wireless receiver connection to a headset or earpiece. Wireless headphones are used around the home and allow the listener to move from room to room without the distraction or nuisance of a cord. The listener has full use of all stereo systems, such as radio, cassette, and compact disc player, but cannot move far from the audio source. Wireless headphone units may also transmit some functional instructions to the stereo system. Wireless headphones may be used outside the home in conjunction with portable music players. A variety of wireless stereo speaker systems are now commercially available. These systems have used a variety of either analog transmission techniques or digital transmission techniques to communicate audio signals wirelessly from a transmitter to a receiver. New techonology which utilizes the wide bandwidth now available for consumer electronics, namely, frequencies above 900 MHz. This helps to avoid interference from relatively narrow-band radiators such as cellular phones, pagers, walkie-talkies, etc.

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  • Changzhou Changfeng Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of wireless speakers, multimedia speakers, wireless microphones, wired microphones, and speaker boxes. China.
  • DMD Holding Limited
    Designing and manufacturing consumer electronic products including high frequency transmission consumer products and telecommunication products such as wireless speakers, GSM home control system. Hong Kong, China.
  • Eastern Mastec Corp.
    Manufacturer of home theatre systems, wireless speakers, amplified speakers, and stand alone sub woofers. Korea.
  • Realworld Technology Inc.
    Designs and produces multimedia speakers, gaming speakers, home theater systems, sound cards and computer cases. USA.
  • Shenzhen Baoan Leiming Electronic Factory
    Manufacturer of wireless speakers, headphones, microphones, earphones, computer speakers, portable foldaway speaker, MP3 headsets, and wireless headphones. China.

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