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Speaker systems generally include two or more speaker elements, each of which converts electrical energy into acoustic energy over a particular frequency range. A speaker used as an acoustic output means in an audio-video system or multi-media system comprises a main speaker part for generating sound, and a case for containing and holding the main speaker part inside. The case has a function for containing and holding the main speaker part, and for emitting the sound forward produced by the main part. It also has a function to protect the main speaker part from external force or dust to prevent mechanical or chemical damage. A normal speaker cabinet has an electro magnetically driven speaker cone sealed to an opening in the wall of a sealed cabinet. This arrangement provides a drooping frequency response curve. In some speaker systems having a speaker mounted in a speaker box, a bass reflex duct is located at a rear of the speaker inside of the speaker box. The bass reflex duct leads to a bass reflex port opened in the speaker box.

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  • Atlantic Technology
    Manufacturer of free standing speaker systems, flat screen speaker systems, hidden speaker systems, subwoofers, power amplifiers and preamplifies. USA.
  • Boss Audio Systems
    Manufacturer of mobile electronics equipment including audio amplifiers, crossovers, equalizers, CD/DVD/cassette players, TV monitors, and speaker systems. USA.
  • Camactech (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of surround sound speaker systems, AV speakers, portable speakers, and microphones. China.
  • Professional Audio Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturer of high-end speaker systems, speaker components and electronics for professional audio and sound contracting markets. USA.
  • Shenzhen Lanyan Electron Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of multimedia speaker systems, home theater systems, computer cases, keyboards, VGA cards, and mainboards. China.
  • XtremeworX
    Manufacturer and exporter of multimedia speakers, woofer speakers, home theater systems, wireless speakers and home audio components. India.

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