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Speakers can be placed in outdoor locations  for producing sound for lawns, patios, gardens etc. Many outdoor and indoor public areas utilize speakers, speaker systems or public address systems for reproducing sound in these areas. These areas typically utilize speakers or speaker systems that are mounted to existing building structures, structural poles, or the like. Most landscape speakers have been composed of concrete etc. and may be disguised in the form of an urn, a resonant cone, or some sort of an architectural form whilst simultaneously having the ability to emit sound. Outdoor sound systems typically comprise a plurality of strategically located speakers connected by speaker wires to a stereo system. Typically, the speaker wires are run under the eaves of the house or other structure or are buried in the ground in such a manner that each outdoor speaker is electrically connected to the speaker output of the stereo system.

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  • Home Theater Direct, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures cabinet speakers, center channel speakers, in-wall speakers, outdoor speakers, powered subwoofers, and amplifiers. USA.
  • Rockustics Inc.
    Manufacturer of outdoor speakers including rock speakers, garden speakers, omini speakers, and subwoofers. USA.
  • SoundTube Entertainment, Inc.
    Manufacturer of open-ceiling speakers, surface-mount speakers, high power speakers, outdoor/in-ground speakers, and sound focusing speakers. USA.
  • Tongxiang Fengying Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Specialized manufacturer of outdoor speakers including rock speaker, lawn speaker, wall speaker, PA speaker, in-ceiling speaker, boom box, and crossover. China.
  • Zylux Acoustic Corporation
    Manufacturer of professional/outdoor loudspeakers, home theater loudspeakers, television speaker systems, automotive loudspeakers, automotive amplification systems, PC & multimedia speakers, and multimedia devices. Taiwan, China.

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