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In-wall speakers have become increasingly popular in recent years. In-wall speaker systems have revolved from crude intercom systems to the more high fidelity systems currently available today. Such speaker systems are adapted for flush mounting in walls or ceilings, in order to free up available floor space and avoid unnecessary sound absorption or interference. In-wall installations eliminate the well known box-type speaker enclosures which are often difficult to position in a manner wherein they are both aesthetically desirable and provide the desired acoustic affect. In-wall speakers are disposed almost entirely within a wall structure such that only the grille and bezel are exposed. Their position is chosen and fixed at the time of installation such that the desired aesthetic and acoustic results are achieved.

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  • Guangzhou Euroshine Electronics Manufactory
    Manufacturer of ceiling speakers, wall speakers, power amplifiers, public address system, stage products, karaoke audio system, and hi-fi audio system. China.
  • Hosen (Huizhou) Electronics Co., Ltd
    Manufacturer of in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, in/out door speakers, home theatre, car amplifiers, and car speakers. China.
  • Induction Dynamics
    Manufacturer of stereo speakers, in-wall speakers, on-wall speakers, subwoofers, and digital-surround systems. USA.
  • Integrity Home Systems
    Manufacturer of in-wall speakers, free standing speakers, outdoor speakers, volume controls, and wall plates. USA.
  • JA Audio
    Manufacturer of in-wall / in-ceiling speakers, indoor / outdoor speakers, 5.1 home systems, and powered subwoofers. USA.
  • Phase Technology
    Manufacturer of stereo speakers, home theater system speakers, subwoofers, and in-wall speakers. USA.
  • Pinnacle Speakers
    Manufacturer of in-wall /in-ceiling speakers, outdoor speakers, main channel speakers, center channel speakers, and sunwoofers. USA.
  • Pro Acoustics
    Manufacturer of ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, bookself loudspeakers, floor and tower speakers, subwoofers, cabinet, and outdoor audio speaker systems. USA.
  • PSB Speakers
    Manufacturer of in-room speakers, in-wall speakers, and in-cabinet speakers. Canada.
  • S3i Sound
    Produces a number of invisible speakers for outdoor, commercial, and in-wall applications. USA.
  • Triad Speakers, Inc.
    Manufacturer of stereo and home theater speakers including in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers and in-room speakers. USA.
  • TruAudio
    Manufacturer of in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, home theater and outdoor speakers, power amplifiers, subwoofers, volume controls and accessories. USA.

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