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Conventional speaker stands typically are merely simple rigid, floor-standing structures with a top plate on which the speaker sits. The home audio industry places great emphasis on convenience and sound quality. In-wall audio speakers are more popular these days. In-wall speakers deliver high-quality sound without the need to rearrange one's room to make space for the speakers. However, floor speakers may provide better sound quality because of its enhanced bass response. Floor stand speaker provides better reproduction of music effects, which is especially useful for reproducing rock and large-scale classical music.

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  • Duntech Audio
    Manufacturer of and floor standing loudspeakers, including Classic series, Gemstone series, and studio series. Australia.
  • Guangzhou Nuodi Audio Co., Ltd.
    Specialized manufacturer of floor standing speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers for home theater systems. China.
  • Kebao Audio Video Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of home theater amplifier audio system, multimedia audio system, audio video system, and laser disc players. China.
  • Osborn Loudspeakers
    Manufacturer of floor standing speakers, center speakers, subwoofers, and combined centers for home theater and stereo. Australia.
  • RBH Sound, Inc
    Designing, engineering and crafting loudspeaker systems, including floor standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, center/LCR speakers, and subwoofers. USA.
  • Shenzhen Unitek Group
    Manufactures floor standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, portable speakers, subwoofers, MP3 players, and computer peripherals. China.
  • Silverline Audio Technology
    Manufacturer of monitor speakers, floorstanding speakers, and audio cables. USA.

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