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Center speaker channels of a surround sound system typically consist of a high quality three-way speaker system that is directly aimed at the prime listening area. A traditional multi-channel audio usually has a left channel and a right channel. To integrate a video effect to an audio effect just like the simulation of the actual theater, a center channel is placed between the left and right channels for a better audio visual effect of a performance or a play. A center channel speaker may be a box enclosure located above a television system. Center channel is designed in a rectangular shape transversally disposed, or a tripod is used to heighten the sound box, so that the sound frequency of the center channel can be produced at a position proximate the video screen.

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  • Cerwin-Vega, Inc.
    Manufacturer of professional audio, home audio, and car audio equipment. Products including subwoofers, speakers, and carspeakers. USA.
  • HGP Speakers
    Manufacturer of monitors, floor standing and center speakers, subwoofers, home cinemas and multi channel kits. Germany.
  • Pacrim Audio Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of theatre and concert reinforcement equipment, club and disco products, and Karaoke systems. China.
  • Streem Speakers
    Manufacturer of home audio and home theater loudspeakers such as center, rear, front channel speakers, subwoofers and speaker systems.
  • Supergem Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of hi-fi speakers, car speakers, home theater systems, multimedia speakers, PA speakers, horns, sirens, tweeters, and speakers. China.

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