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A speaker is a sound generating device for outputting an audible sound corresponding to an audio signal electrically or electronically received or a bell or melody previously inputted. Speakers have a magnetic circuit which is designed to cause magnetic flux from a permanent magnet to be directed perpendicular to a voice coil received in a space by disposing the magnet and a top plate in a yoke of ferromagnetic metal. The voice coil is suspended in the air gap so as to be capable of vibrating. A current is passed through the voice coil and the interaction of the magnetic field induced by the current and the field from the permanent magnet causes the voice coil to vibrate. The voice coil is connected to a speaker cone which has a large surface area to vibrate air in the vicinity of the cone. The interaction of the magnetic field of the permanent magnet and the varying magnetic field of the voice coil that is produced when a changing current is passed through the voice coil causes the loudspeaker diaphragm to vibrate. Vibration of the diaphragm causes movement of air, which in turn produces sound. A piezoelectric speaker utilizes crystalline materials that will twist or bend mechanically when a voltage is applied. The resulting movement is very small and in practice crystal transducers are generally matched to a horn to improve efficiency. Piezoelectric speakers are known as small-sized, low-current-driven acoustic components using a piezoelectric element as an electric acoustic conversion element, and are used as an acoustic output device for small-sized electric equipment. Different kinds of loudspeaker designs are utilized, being particularly adapted for reproducing the sound in respective, discrete frequency ranges with particular quality and efficiency, of the well known terms "woofer" and "tweeter", and "squawker". Subwoofer speaker systems are designed to reproduce the lowest bass frequencies in music and sound. Subwoofers are typically used with stereo amplifiers or home entertainment systems to give an enhanced, realistic listening experience in which these lower frequencies can be heard and felt by the listener. The current tendency of such micro speakers is toward smaller sizes because communication appliances such as cellular phones are currently intended to have a reduced size or thickness. Such speakers are called micro speakers. The performance of an audio speaker may be measured in terms of fidelity, or the degree in which an electronic system reproduces sound without distortion. Resonance and vibrations within the audio speaker will effect the measured performance of the speaker. The structure of the audio speaker itself can effect the resonance and vibrations within the audio speaker.

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  • Tonsil Polska
    Designs and manufactures car speakers, hi-fi speakers, headphones and microphones, PA amplifiers and guitar loudspeakers. Poland.
  • Audio Physic GmbH
    Manufacturer of floor standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, center channel speakers, rear speakers, home cinema speakers, and subwoofers. Germany.
  • BG Corporation
    Designer and manufacturer of in-wall, on-wall, and freestanding speakers for the audio, home theater, custom and commercial installation markets. USA.
  • Bobolink Industrial Limited
    Manufacturer of speaker systems, active speakers and subwoofers, hi-fi speakers, home theatre speaker system, and CD/VCD/MP3 players. Hong Kong, China.
  • Bowers & Wilkins
    Manufactures bookshelf speakers, floor standing speakers, center channel speakers, in-wall and on-wall speakers, home cinema system, active subwoofers, and custom Installation speakers. UK.
  • Definitive Technology
    Manufacturer of bipolar loudspeakers, subwoofers, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, all weather speakers, and center speakers for music and home theaters. USA.
  • Diweiqi A&V Electronics Factory
    Manufacturer of power amplifiers, multimedia speakers, home theater sound boxes, Karaoke boxes, multimedia sound boxes, and mini music center. China.
  • Eastern Acoustic Works
    Produces ceiling speakers, surface mounted loudspeakers, sound reinforcement loudspeakers, column speakers, amplifiers, digital matrix mixers, and paging horns. USA.
  • Hangzhou Hi-Sound Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of amplifers, mixers, car speakers, woofers, horn speakers, tweeters, sirens, speaker boxes, car stereos and other audio products. China.
  • Sound Advance
    Manufacturer of flat panel loudspeakers for commercial and residential audio and entertainment systems. USA.
  • Speaker Electronic (Jiashan) Co., Ltd.
    Produces loudspeakers, boom speakers, enclosures, woofers and subwoofers, home theatre and PA systems, amplifiers and voice coils. China.
  • Status Acoustics
    Manufactures loudspeakers designed to serve as a reference standard for both the audiophile and the high-end home theater enthusiast. USA.
  • Tannoy Ltd.
    Manufacturer of in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, active subwoofers, multi-purpose loudspeakers, ceiling monitors tweeters, and amplifiers. UK.
  • Totem Acoustic
    Manufacturer of book shelf speakers, floor standing speakers, center channel speakers, home theater speakers, and subwoofers. Canada.
  • Turbosound Ltd.
    Designer and manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems including Modular point-source loudspeakers, portable loudspeakers, digitally self-powered loudspeakers, floor and wedge monitors. UK.

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