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Electronic devices such as televisions (TV), set-top boxes, radio receivers, video cassette recorders (VCR), compact disk (CD) players, digital versatile disk (DVD) players, amplifiers, equalizers, tape players, cable units, lighting, window shades and other electronic devices have become common in many households. Many of these consumer electronic devices are designed to be operable by remote control. Remote control systems utilize infrared (IF) or radio frequency (RF) signals to operate an electronic device from a remote position. Most remote controls, such as those we use today for our home entertainment devices use an infrared beam for communication. A conventional remote control is typically comprised of a housing structure, a keypad within the housing structure for entering commands by the user, electronic circuitry within the housing structure connected to the keypad, and a transmitter electrically connected to the electronic circuitry for transmitting a control signal to an electronic device to be operated. Because of the multiple electronic devices currently available within many homes and businesses today, universal remote control devices have been developed to control an aggregation of individually controllable electronic devices. Universal remote controls may be programmed to transmit the control codes recognized by two or more pieces of electronic equipment. Other remote controls are able to receive and display information from the electronic device they control such as displaying the name of a radio station on a display of the remote. These devices are relatively expensive and again difficult to utilize for the average consumer. Remote entry devices are also available to perform such functions as disabling security alarms and unlocking the doors and trunks of an automobile. A remote control system for a vehicle can automatically lock and unlock the doors of a vehicle in wireless communication. These remote control devices have a size and bulk that is comparable to the automobile's key to prevent the remote control device from being accidentally misplaced.

Listings on Audio electronics : Remote controls

  • Berlet Electronics Ltd.
    Manufacturer of radio remote controls including engineered radio remote-control systems, off-the-shelf radio remote-control systems, and laser-guard anti-collision devices. Canada.
  • Guangzhou Huadu Weidi Electronics
    Manufacturer of mulit-functional remote control, TV universal remote controls, LCD universal remote controls, and specialty remote controls. China.
  • ICX Global
    Manufactures remote control products for broadcast, satellite, cable, and consumer electronics devices. Products include display screen or touchscreen products for home automation and home theater, wireless keyboards and game controllers, and presentation remotes. USA.
  • Java Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of remote controls, flyback transformers, optical pick-ups, transformers and coils. China.
  • Remtron, Inc.
    Manufacturer of industrial wireless remote controls for overhead cranes, concrete pumps, conveyors, winches, booms and other commercial applications. USA.
  • Shenzhen C&D Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Designing, developing and producing remote controls such as super thin remote controls, universal remote controls, touch-screen controls. and RF remote controls. China.
  • Showa Industries (Shanghai ) Ltd.
    Specialized manufacturer of remote controls for TV, VCR, satellite receivers, CBL, VCD, DVD, LD, CD, Hi-Fi, and air-conditioners. China.
  • Universal Remote Control, Inc.
    Custom design, engineering, and manufacturing of remote controls and home automation products. USA.

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