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Satellite receiver receives the radio waves such as television signals or the like from a plurality of satellites. Radio waves used in broadcasting and communications making use of broadcasting satellite and communication satellite are FM signals, and the frequency shift and exclusive bandwidth vary depending on the modulation signal. The satellite broadcasting receiver is designed to control the frequency shift so that the amplitude of the demodulation signal is constant. A typical receiver of a satellite with multispot coverage and OBP aims at delivering to each on-board demodulator the baseband image of the groups of RF signals received from each spot beam. A conventional RF receiver consists of at least as many input chains as beams and each chain typically includes a low noise amplifier, an automatic gain controller, an input filter, a first down-conversion unit to intermediate frequency with IF amplifier, at least one group filter to filter the incoming signal groups, a second downconversion unit to convert down the selected group of signals to a second intermediate frequency, and an analog-to-digital converter.

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  • Blossoms Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer specializing in digital satellite receivers, digital terrestrial receivers, DiSEqC switches, and power adaptors. China.
  • GbSat
    Manufacturer of satellite receivers, motorised mounts, dishes, LNBs, CAMs, and mounting accessories. UK.
  • Homecast Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of digital satellite receivers, cable receivers, terrestrial television receivers, PVR, DAB and MHP. Korea.
  • Satellite Systems Corporation
    Manufactures beacon receivers, frequency converters, antenna positioning systems, FM analog SCPC modulators, FM analog SCPC receivers, redundant switching systems. USA.
  • Shenzhen Mirowa Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in digital satellite receivers, satellite communication and fiber communication products, including DVB-S, DVB-T, and DVB-C. China.
  • Skardin Industrial Corporation
    Manufacturer of free to air and dual common interface digital satellite receivers, free to air digital terrestrial TV receivers, digital MHP TV receivers, and scart routers. Taiwan, China.

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