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Digital receivers make use of digital signal processor (DSP) which protect the recivers from suffering operational variations due to temperature, humidity, and component aging. The digital signal processor processes the output of the bandpass filter and includes an IF to complex baseband converter, and a complex analog-to digital (A/D) converter. DSPs are readily programmable to perform many combined functions and features. A digital receiver include a receiving section for receiving a digital modulated signal, a digital demodulation section for judging a logical state of a detection output signal obtained by performing a digital detection operation for the digital modulated signal, for demodulating the digital modulated signal and for generating a data signal. For digital communications, the signal is fed to a baseband equalizer, a symbol decision circuit, and a symbol decoder. For symbol rate processing, a symbol synchronization circuit is coupled to the complex A/D, baseband equalizer, symbol decision circuit, and symbol decoder to synchronize the sequential processing of symbols by these circuits.

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  • David Porter & Associates
    Prodvides digital television receivers, digital TV set top boxes, digital set top boxes, digital TV PC cards and home theatre PC. Australia.
  • Nice Progressive Electronics Co.
    Manufacturer of electronic products including digital radio receivers, headphone radios, radio controlled clocks, torch alarms, TV remote controls, and counters. Hong Kong, China.
  • Shenzhen Dehoo Technologies Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of FTA digital satellite receivers, digital terrestrial receivers, DVB-S openboxes, and digital video broadcasting products. China.
  • Sonarics Labs Ltd.
    Manufacturer of digital soft FM receivers, audio decoders, sound processing engines, peripherals controller, graphic database, removable storage, real time recording and playback of DAB to internal and removable storage. UK.
  • Unionman Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures CATV network equipment, DVB products, wireless meter systems and communication products; including digital terrestrial television receivers, digital cable television receivers, hotel pay-TV manager, stand-alone transport stream scrambler. China.

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