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Receivers are electronic devices which detect, demodulate and amplify transmitted signal, and convert the signal format into a format for video, voice or data. Information is transferred from a starting location to a destination by first converting the information from a parallel format to a serialized format. Then, the serialized information is transmitted as a data stream across a transmission medium such a coaxial cable, a twisted pair cable, or a fiber optic cable, to the destination. At the destination, a receiver receives the data stream, and processes it to convert the information back into a parallel format. In a digital broadcast, a digital video signal and an audio signal are compressed corresponding to the MPEG2 format. To receive the full benefits of digital audio broadcasting, listeners must have a digital audio receiver to receive the digital audio broadcast. When a digital broadcast is received, an IRD (integrated receiver decoder) is connected to a receiver. The IRD selects a signal of a program that the user desires and decodes the selected signal into a video signal and an audio signal. A radio receiver includes a plurality of antenna elements for receiving a radio signal from a radio transmitter.

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  • AMAC Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of digital satellite receivers, C/Ku band LNB, microwave color TV transmitting and receiving systems, digital TV terminal, MMDS downconverters, security monitoring devices, high frequency transmitting/receiving products. China.
  • Elsema Pty Ltd.
    Manufactures transmitters, receivers, decoders, transceivers, repeaters, antennas, bases, connectors, and coaxial cable for the wireless industry. Australia.
  • Harmonic Broadcast Systems
    Manufacturer of DVB receivers, modulators, video and audio decoders , analogue TV demodulators, conditional access descramblers, switching and routing, interface conversion and distribution, and modular systems. UK.
  • Jersey Microwave, LLC
    Design and manufacture microwave components and sub-systems such as frequency block converters, front-end receivers, phase locked DROs, LNA & power amplifiers, IF logarithmic amplifiers, frequency multipliers, phase shifters, attenuators, and RF switches. USA.
  • San Jose Navigation, Inc.
    Produces GPS/GSM antennas, GPS receivers, GPS reradiators, GPS vehicle tracking devices, PDA track, GPS engine boards, and AVL systems. Taiwan, China.
  • Topcrown Technology Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer specializing in digital satellite receiver (DVB-S products), metabox receivers, USB-PVR and dish positioner, and home theater systems. China.

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