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Clock radio includes a clock that can be set to turn it on automatically. It's designed to make an alarm sound a predetermined time. Electronic clock radios essentially consist of three integrated circuits: a radio, a clock, and an electronic digital display. The user actuates the appropriate actuators to set the alarm time and to place the alarm in the "armed" state. When the actual time is reached, a device such as a buzzer, bell, or other transducer, is actuated to emit a sound which will notify, or wake, the user. It works by transmitting the radio frequency signal from the clock radio to the wireless remote alert device at the predetermined time in response to the alert signal, receiving the radio frequency signal in the wireless remote alert device at the predetermined time, and, then activating a transducer in the selected wireless remote alert device in response to the received radio frequency signal.

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  • Aitkenson International (Far East) Limited
    Manufacturer of clock radios, portable radios, shower radios, AC/DC digital radios, PLL radios, DAB radios, boombox CD players, and portable CD players. Hong Kong, China.
  • Maxsome Corp Ltd.
    Manufactures and exports a wide range of audio/video products, including clock radios, shower radios, dynamo radios, calendar radios, portable cassette recorders, MP3 players, CD players, CD+G and DVD karaoke players, and microphones. Hong Kong, China.
  • SAK International Industries (HK) Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of radio control clock, portable radio, LCD clock radio, analog clock radio, RDS radio, and PIR sensor radios. Hong Kong, China.
  • Shenzhen Borui Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of touch panel caller ID phones, scan radios, clock radios, calendars, calculators, and pen holders. China.
  • Shenzhen Shiyao Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of LCD calendars, clocks, world time clocks, calculators, mini radios, clock radios, voice recorders, and other promotional gift items. China.
  • Shenzhen Suntop Enterprises Co., Ltd.
    Manufactures radios, VCD/DVD players, MP3 players, promotion electronics gifts and toys, digital cameras, USB appliances, home appliances, energy saving lamp, mobile phone accessories. China.
  • Shunde Tenyu Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of digital clock, thermometer, hygrometer, timer, radio controlled clock (atomic clock), other novelty electronic gifts and control units. China.

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