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A radio receiver is a device receiving radio frequency signal and delivering audio electrical signal to an output device. AM radio uses the electrical image of a sound source to modulate the amplitude of a carrier wave. FM radio uses the electrical image of a sound source to modulate the frequency of a carrier wave. A conventional receiver contains a tuner that can be tuned to broadcast stations by transferring the signal from the carrier onto an intermediate frequency in the radio by a process called heterodyning. A radio receiver includes a plurality of antenna elements for receiving a radio signal from a radio transmitter. A radio receiver performing reception control of a radio signal comprising: a radio signal amplifier, a frequency converter, and signal generators. In a transmitter of a digital radio communications system, information bits are mapped to waveforms that modulate a carrier signal. In the receiver, the transmitted sequence of bits is retrieved by demodulation of the received signal. Generally, radio receivers have functional circuits, such as an RF-AGC circuit for maintaining an RF signal at a constant level according to an RF signal, an IF-AGC circuit for maintaining an RF signal at a constant level according to an IF signal, a station detection circuit for detecting presence of a broadcasting station in response to a receiving field strength equal to or more than a predetermined level, and other functions.

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  • China Andy Electronics
    Specializes in manufacturing gift radios, car refrigerators, car TV monitors, MP3 transmitters and other electronic products. China.
  • Chit Shun entrprise Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of mini radios, sport radios, shower radios, handsfree radios, voice recorders, light-up and flashing key rings, personal alarms and baby monitors. Hong Kong, China.
  • Comrex Corporation
    Designs and manufactures broadcast equipment for use by networks, stations, and program producers; broadcast audio products, including wireless cue systems, telephone couplers, and special purpose remote consoles. USA.
  • Dielectric Communications
    Manufacturer of DTV, VHF, and FM broadcast equipment, pressurization products, custom engineered towers, and custom radio frequency components for the television and FM radio industry. USA.
  • Harris Corporation
    Manufacturer of products for government communications, RF communications, broadcast communications, and microwave communications, including digital microwave radios, wireless local loop telephony systems, broadband wireless access products, secure communications systems. USA.
  • Potomac Instruments, Inc.
    Designs and manufactures precision measurement and control equipment including audio test instruments, antenna array monitoring systems, AM, FM and TV field strength meters, and transducer interface devices. USA.
  • Ramsey Electronics
    Manufacturer and supplier of FM broadcast transmitters, antennas, amateur radio gear, and studio equipment for low power FM, school, and community broadcast stations. USA.
  • Rohde & Schwarz
    Manufacturer of electronic equipment and systems for test and measurement, signal intelligence, trunked radio, mobile radios, radio communications, TV broadcasting, radio monitoring, and IT-Security. Germany.
  • Shenzhen Newstar Enterprises Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of mini radios, promotion gifts, electronic gifts, mini digital cameras, batteries, bluetooth earphone, USB driver memory. China.

  • Shenzhen Zhengzhongjie Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of audio gifts including radios, calendar, telephones, calendar counters, SIM Card backup, DVD/VCD player, flashlight, and physiotherapy. China.

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