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Microphone is a device used for converting acoustic sound waves into an electrical representation of the sound wave. It converts sound into electrical impulses, usually for recording or amplification. The type of microphones are divided mainly into capacitor and dynamic microphones. Dynamic microphone uses a diaphragm attached to a coil that moves in a magnetic field, generating a tiny electrical signal in response to sound waves. Since the dynamic microphone without requirement of feeding thereto have respective large appearances, it is difficult that the foregoing dynamic microphone(s) are set so as not to attract attention and catch eyes of persons in such the facility. Capacitor microphone is also called a condenser or electrostatic microphone. The capacitor microphones require addition of a power supply for the drive. This kind of microphone is mostly used in the meeting, language laboratory facility, and so on having requirement of many small microphones. Wireless microphone sends audio signals over the air, rather than through microphone cables. The microphone is attached to a transmitter and the signals are received by a receiver connected to the audio console or recording device. Boom microphone projects the microphone over a set, and out of camera range, to pick up the sound of dialogue. It can be quickly lengthened or shortened according to need, and pointed in any direction as required. 
Electret microphone is used in mobile phones and accessories against radio frequency (RF) disturbances for ensuring the proper performance of the microphones. An electret microphone contains a preamplifier, typically a field effect transistor, and voice is converted to electrical signal by capacitance. Generally, an electret capacitor microphone has an electret capacitor portion including a diaphragm, and a back electrode plate disposed opposite to the diaphragm through a spacer; and an impedance conversion device for converting change of capacitance of the electret capacitor portion into change of electrical impedance. Communication devices, such as cellular phone, satellites phone, PDA, and "Pocket PC", are considered as one of the common communication tools that a user is able to wirelessly communicate with another user through the communication device via a public network. A GPS microphone, which is adapted for incorporating a communication system, includes a speaker-microphone set, a radio frequency transmitter communicatively networked with the communication system through radio frequency signals, and a GPS controller electrically connected with the radio frequency transmitter to encode positioning data into one or more RF positioning signals. Directional microphones are used in hearing aids to make it possible for those with impaired hearing to carry on a normal conversation at social gatherings and in other noisy environments. As hearing loss progresses, individuals require greater and greater signal-to-noise ratios in order to understand speech. The most common approach to constructing a directional microphone is provided by an apparatus comprising sound inlet ports defined by juxtaposed tubes that communicate with a diaphragm. The two sides of the microphone diaphragm receive sound from the two inlet ports. The sound pressure driving the rear of the diaphragm travels through a resistive material that provides a time delay.

Listings on Audio electronics : Microphones

  • ACO Pacific Inc.
    Manufacturer and supplier of measurement microphones and mic systems, sound (noise) level alarms, calibrators, sound intensity probes, acoustical/emi isolators, and noise generators. USA.
  • AKG Acoustics
    Manufacturer of wireless microphone systems, dynamic microphones, condenser microphones, headphones, headsets, conference systems, processors and mixers. Austria.
  • Beijing 797 Audio Co. Ltd.
    Manufacturer of condenser microphone, dynamic microphone, electret condenser microphone, measuring condenser microphone, mic cartridge, power amplifiers, earphone, and loudspeaker system. China.
  • Beyerdynamic
    Manufacturer of microphones, headphones, headsets, mixer amplifiers, wireless systems, conference systems, and accessories. Germany.
  • Clockaudio Limited
    Manufactures shotgun supercardioid microphone, lightweight headworn microphones, gooseneck microphones, twin mount microphones, suspended microphones, GSM friendly microphones, radio microphone system, portable induction loop system, and ancilliary equipment. USA.
  • Enping Jinjue Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of wired and wireless microphones, and mic cartridges used in home, stage, club, and conference. China.
  • Fujikon Industrial Holding Ltd.
    Manufacturing a wide range of electro-acoustic products, including headphones, microphones, speakers and handsfree headsets for audio, communication, multimedia, education and security industries. Hong Kong, China.
  • Heil Sound Ltd.
    Manufactures microphones, microphone management hardware, headsets, adapter cables, pit switches, and connectors. USA.
  • JL World
    Provides electro-magnetic transducers, piezo buzzers, micro speakers, receivers, electret-condenser microphones, silicon microphones, microwave components, bluetooth modules, and batteries. Hong Kong, China.
  • Kaotek Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Produces wireless microphones, wireless amplifiers, digital singular wire PA system, wireless security system and computerized wireless security system. Taiwan, China.
  • Legion RF Ltd.
    Manufacturer of remote speaker microphone, tactical microphone, throat microphone, remote PTT, earphone, and adapter. Taiwan, China.
  • Nady System, Inc.
    Designing, manufacturing, and marketing wireless microphones, inclduing wireless microphone systems, wire microphones, personal-ear wireless monitors, public address systems, assistive listening devices, and telephone headsets. USA.
  • Rode Microphones
    Produces condenser microphones, valve microphones, miniature goose neck, suspension shock mount, aluminium boom pole, collapsible mini tripod, stereo audio extension cable, and Amplifiers. Australia.
  • Sennheiser Electronic Corporation
    Manufacturer of headphones, noise cancelling and reduction, microphones, aviation and broadcast headsets as well as IR and RF wireless systems. Germany.
  • Shenzhen JWL Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturing wireless electronics including UHF wireless microphone, VHF wireless microphone, FM wireless microphone, Multifunction portable Karaoke system, and guitar amplifiers. China.
  • Shure Incorporated
    Manufactures microphones, wireless microphones and wireless guitar systems, digital signal processors and feedback eliminators, personal (in-ear) monitor systems, mixers and audio processors, hi-fi phono cartridges and DJ needles. USA.
  • Voice Technologies
    Manufacturer of high end microphones, headsets, phantom power adapters, and earphones for broadcast, theatre, film, video, installation and conference application. Switzerland.

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