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Wireless headphones are an options for those who don't want to be burdened with headphone cables and allow them to listen to high-quality digital audio from almost any music source from portable media players (MP3, CD, DVD, MPEG4), or home hi-fi systems. Wireless headphones can transmit audio signals through walls, floors & ceilings. You can move around freely in the home or outside in the garden with wireless headphone system. Wireless headphone system consists of two components, the headphone/receiver module and the transmitter. The headphones transmit audio information to a speaker, microphone or headset via an infrared signal. Infrared eliminates the common interference found in radio signals. Most wireless headphone systems are compatible with DTS ES, Dolby Digital EX, DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround, Dolby Pro Logic II and MPEG2 AAC.

Listings on Audio electronics : Headphones : Wireless headphones

  • Cosonic (Shenzhen) Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Produces home theatre headphones, RF stereo wireless headphones, educational headphones, headband headphones, foldable rear-wear headphones with retractable cable, vibration headsets, rear-wear headsets, hi-fi stereo hooks and clips. China.
  • Joyshiya Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Produces wireless headphones, mini MP3 amplify speakers, light-weight wireless headsets, wireless listening units, multifunction wireless headsets, FM transmitters, FM transplayers, mini speakers, mouse, radio, and mini bird phones. China
  • Kasaku Electronics Factory
    Manufacturer of home theatre sound systems for DVD players and computers, multimedia 4.1ch speakers, 2.1ch subwoofer speakers, stylish 2.0ch speakers and headsets for multimedia and stereo market. China.
  • Ningbo Excel Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Produces multimedia stereo headphones, wireless headphones, aviation headphones, stereo earphones, mobile handfree earphones, microphones, speakers, CD-ROM storages, keyboards, mouse and mouse pads. China.
  • Tianlong Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    Produces phone speakers, earphone speakers, super thin speakers, notebook PC speakers, conventional speakers, music center speakers, althorns, strap earphones, ear hanged headphones, earplug headphones, back hanged earphone, head earphone, and sound boxes. China.
  • Unwired Technology LLC
    Manufacturer of infrared wireless automotive headphones, radio frequency wireless automotive headphones, home infrared headphones, cellular accessories. USA.
  • Uson Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of headphones, earphones, mini speakers, MP3 earphones, CD/VCD/DVD lens cleaners, digital cameras and scan radios. China.

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