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Noise canceling headphone reduces ambient noise to provide quieter listening environment, these headphones are ideal for other noisy environments such as in plane, trains, and automobile journeys. By turning on the noise-canceling feature, listeners can enjoy undisturbed audio in busy public places or while traveling on noisy public transport. Noise canceling technology works by electronically producing sound waves opposite to the ambient sound outside your headphones. The Noise canceling circuit actually senses outside noise with built-in microphones and sends an equal-but-opposite canceling signal to the headphones. Canceling noise allows you to hear your music at lower volumes.

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  • Guangzhou Xinquan Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Produces multimedia keyboards, HI-FI infrared stereo cordless headphone, bluetooth earphone, CPU cooling fan, and flash disks. China.
  • Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
    Specializes in the design and manufacturing of acoustic products including blue tooth headsets, USB dongles, carkit, earphones, headphones, active noise cancelling headphones, condenser microphones, receivers, speakers,etc. China.

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