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Headphones (also known as earphones, earbuds, stereophones, headsets) are a pair of transducers that receive an electrical signal from a media player or receiver and use speakers placed in close proximity to the ears (hence the name earphone) to convert the signal into audible sound waves. Headphones may only have one speaker and either use a strap over the head or a prong that clips over the ear. Headphones are normally detachable, using a jack plug. Typical products to which they are attached include the walkman, mobile phone, CD player, Minidisc player, digital audio player (MP3 player), and personal computer. Headphones can also be used with full-size stereo components. Some headphone units are self-contained, incorporating a radio receiver. Other headphones are cordless, using radio (for example analogue FM, digital Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) or infrared signals to receive signals from a base unit. Headphones of the 'closed back' type are also used to exclude external sounds, particularly in sound recording studios and in noisy environments. Headphones can also be useful for videogames that use 3D positional audio, allowing players to better judge the position of an offscreen sound (such as the footsteps of an opponent).

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  • AKG Acoustics
    Manufacturer of professional headphones, noise reduction headphones, reference listening systems, condenser handheld microphones, lavalier and headset microphones, modular microphone systems, drum and instrument microphones, broadcast and live sound equipment. USA.
  • Grado Labs, Inc.
    Manufacturer of headphones, headphone amplifier, cartridges and accessories. USA.
  • Junye Electronic Company Limited
    Manufactures a full range of different headphones/earphones including stereo headphones/earphones, multi-media headphones, handsfree headphones, speakers, AC/DC cords, and AV linking cords. China.
  • King Sound Enterprise Co., Ltd.
    Designs and produces a complete series of hands free earphone mic. and accessories, communication headphones, multimedia computer headphone and industrial headphones. Taiwan, China.
  • Kingval Electronic Company Limited
    Manufacturer of computer headsets, hi-fi headphones, neck-band headphones, airline headphones, ear-clip earphones, earphones for Mp3, headsets for Skype, and computer microphones. China.
  • Minami Audio Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of various electret condenser microphones, earphones, earphone-mic, headphones, piezo buzzers, and mylar speakers. China.
  • Ming Han Technology Co., Ltd.
    Produces headphones, UHF/VHF microphones, cable microphones, amplifiers, mixers, signal processors, conference system, earphones, universal battery packs. China.
  • Palm Garden Enterprises Corp.
    Manufacturer of hands-free earsets, communication headsets, in-ear earphones, headphones for outdoor use, educational headphones, travel speakers, two way radio systems, and professional microphones. Taiwan, China.
  • Shenzhen Micah Electronics Corporation
    Manufacturer of bluetooth earphones, bluetooth stereo headset modules, bluetooth headphones, and voltage controlled oscillators. China.
  • Tune Rite Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of multimedia headsets, stereo earphones, cellular headsets, hi-fi headphones, portable headphones, noise cancelling headphones, vibration headphones, and dynamic microphones. Hong Kong, China.

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