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A CD changer holds multiple compact discs and allows the user to access (or play) any of them, one at a time. CD changer facilitates the listener's selection of the desired track or disc. Automatic disc changer apparatus includes a tray containing elastomeric grooves designed to securely hold multiple compact information storage discs in generally upright positions, one or more stations, each performing processing operations on discs transferred from the tray one at a time. There're several types of CD changers, including external cartridge CD changers, internal cartridge CD changers, and carousel type CD changers. External cartridge CD changers have one or more cartridges that the user loads with typically 5 to 10 CDs and then inserts into the CD changer. The CD changer can then remove one CD at a time for playing. Internal cartridge CD changers work on the same basic principle as external cartridge players, except that the cartridge never leaves the CD player. A carousel type CD changer has three or five optical recording media, arranged on a rotatable disk holder, the carousel. The carousel ejects from the CD changer for the user to load CDs on to it. Once back inside, the CD changer can rotate the carousel to access all the CDs. CD changers are commonly found in home cinema systems, cars, and less often in computer equipment.

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  • Clarion
    Manufacturer of car audio speaker systems, CD changers, mobile audio/video components, amplifiers, alarms and SD/CD/cassette receivers.
  • Panasonic Consumer Electronics
    Manufacturer of car audio speaker systems, CD changers, mobile video components and SD/CD/cassette receivers.
  • Shenzhen Fenda Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturers of CD players, CD/VCD changers, car DVD players, car speakers, flash portable media players, HDD portable media players, home DVD recorders, power inverters, and surround sound amplifiers. China.

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