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A boombox is a portable stereo system containing  amplifier and speakers, CD player, tape decks and a radio. The CD system plays standard CD-DA music tracks and may also play MP3 and other compressed audio formats. Boomboxes usually weigh 5 to 20 pounds and can run on both AC power or batteries.

Listings on Audio electronics : Boomboxes

  • Jiaxing Jinlida Electron Co., Ltd.
    Produces speaker boxes, subwoofer, speakers, PA speakers, subwoofer boxes, bandpass, boom boxes, receivers, woofers, and accessories. China.
  • Loyal Rich Enterprise Ltd.
    Manufacturer of audio items such as cd boomboxes, CD alarm clock radio, portable radio cassette recorder, AC/DC portable radio, LED alarm clock radio, walkman and VCD/DVD players. Hong Kong.
  • Ningbo Yinzhou Sea-Gull Wireless Factory
    Manufacturer of sound boxes and speakers, including stage boxes, car speakers, sub woofers, boom boxes, TV speakers and ceiling speakers. China.
  • Tongxiang Honsound Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter specializing in subwoofers, car speakers, boom boxes, home theater, PA speakers, tweeters, multimedia speakers and other car accessories. China.
  • Tongxiang Zayung Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and exporter of subwoofers, boom boxes, PA boxes, home theater speakers, multimedia speakers, car speakers, and tweeters. China.

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