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Power amplifier includes a first amplifier connected to a first power, a second amplifier connected to a second power, a common input impedance matching unit impedance matching inputted signals and outputting the inputted signals to the first amplifier and the second amplifier, a common output impedance matching unit impedance matching and outputting the signals amplified from the first amplifier and the second amplifier, an output impedance matching unit electrically connected between the first amplifier and the common output impedance matching unit, and modifying an output voltage value of the first amplifier to an output voltage value of the second amplifier, and an input impedance matching unit electrically connected between the common input impedance matching unit and the first amplifier, and compensating a phase shift occurring during the voltage modification of the output impedance matching unit. In a high-frequency power amplifier, gate feed portions are formed by dividing a gate feed which connects transistor gate electrodes in parallel, and each of the gate feed portions includes a given number of gate electrodes connected in parallel. Each of transistor cell elements includes a set of the gate electrodes connected in parallel. A resistance wire is interposed between the transistor cell elements to isolate each transistor cell element.

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  • Advantech Advanced Microwave Technologies Inc.
    Designer and manufacturer of leading-edge microwave communication products for satellite ground stations and for wireless base stations, main products include solid state power amplifiers with output power ranging from 10 watts to 4,000 watts, booster amplifiers, block-up converters, mast head units for cell extenders/repeaters, multiplexers, and other related sub-systems.
  • Communication Power Corporation
    Designs and manufactures RF amplifiers for the NMR, MRI, MRS, NQR, and EPR markets. Their modular amplifier stages utilize a variety of device technologies, the logic / control networks employ CPLD and high speed microprocessors. USA.
  • Copley Controls Corp.
    Dedicated to providing OEM services of networked amplifiers for distributed control to traditional torque amplifiers. Features low noise PWM power amplifier with characteristics much like a linear amplifier, but with out the linear's high dissipation and bulk. USA.
  • Crown International
    Manufacturer of power amplifiers, amplifier accessories, microphones, and processing for the professional audio industry. USA.
  • Delta RF Technology, Inc.
    Designs, manufactures, sells basic amplifier modules. Supplier of pallet amplifiers, amplifiers accessories, and assembly services. USA.
  • EiC Corporation
    A fabless semiconductor company dedicated to the portable mobile communication market. Produces power amplifier modules and MMICs used in a variety of applications including TDMA, CDMA and WCDMA handsets, PDAs, asset or vehicle tracking, booster amplifiers, and others. USA.
  • Hawk High End Audio
    Produces integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers and power amplifiers, loudspeakers, vibration absorbers. Belgium.
  • Ming Han Technology Co., Ltd.
    Produces power amplifiers, PA amplifiers, UHF/VHF microphones, cable microphones, mixers, audio processors, and audio conference systems. China.

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