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An amplifier is a device that boosts the strength of an electronic signal. Electrical signals become lower in amplitude, or "attenuated" as they travel through conductors in systems. When two integrated circuits on a circuit board are coupled by signal conductors on the circuit board, an electrical signal transmitted by one integrated circuit may be received as an attenuated signal by the other integrated circuit. Amplifiers add gain to the signal by an amount equal to the loss in the previous section of the network since last amplification. Amplifiers are used to boost electrical signals in many electronic devices, including radios, televisions, and telephones. The most common types of amplifiers are electronic and have transistors or electron tubes as their principal components.

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  • Ayre Acoustics, Inc.
    Produces integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers, multichannel amplifiers, preamplifiers, stereo disc players, DVD and CD players. USA.
  • David Berning Company
    Manufactures a series of vacuum tube audio amplifiers based on an impedance converter that replaces the traditional audio-output transformer. Italy.
  • Demeter Amplification
    Manufacturer of power amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, bass preamplifiers, microphone preamplifiers, pedals and onboard devices, direct boxes, and speaker cabinets. USA.
  • EAR Yoshino
    Manufacturer of integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers, microphone preamplifiers, record cutting systems, and analogue to digital converters (for CD mastering). UK.
  • Guangzhou Aivin Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer and OEM supplier of home theater amplifiers and digital amplifiers, products including AV-receiver amplifiers, digital amplifiers, hi-fi amplifiers, karaoke amplifiers, meeting amplifiers and receiver amplifiers. Located in Guangdong, China.
  • Guangzhou Haoda Audio & Video Factory
    Produces DVD/VCD, automobile speakers, multimedia speakers, AV amplifiers, civil speakers, professional speakers, induction cookers, micro combined acoustics, speakers and acoustic transformers. China.
  • J. W. Davis & Company
    Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of audio and vedio equipment including sound amplifiers, speaker systems and components, microphones, mixers, paging systems and intercoms. Products are sold to sound contractors. USA.
  • Jeff Rowland Design Group
    Manufacturer of high end amplifiers and preamplifiers with features of ultra-low distortion, high efficiency, modular amplifiers for stereo and multichannel audio applications. Their products can be configured for AC voltage from 85 to 140 VAC or 180 to 260 VAC. USA.
  • Joule Electra
    Specializes in high-performance vacuum tube electronics for audio reproduction, including line stage pre-amplifiers, phono pre-amplifiers, full function pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, transformer coupled power amplifiers. USA.
  • Marchand Electronics Inc.
    Manufactures and designs high-quality audio equipment, including electronic (active) crossovers, power amplifiers, preamps, bass equalizers, attenuators, and function generators. USA.
  • Margules Audio
    Performs research, design, and manufacture of amplifiers, preamplifiers and loudspeaker systems. Products can work triode or ultralinear, and either as a mono or stereo. Mexico.
  • Pignose Gorilla
    Manufactures and distributes amplifiers, P.A. systems, electric and acoustic guitars, and accessories to music stores worldwide. USA.
  • Spectral Audio, Inc.
    Manufacturer of amplifiers, preamplifiers, ultralinear terminators, and ultralinear CVTerminators. USA.
  • Sunfire
    Manufacturer of home audio and home theater amplifiers, receivers, audio video processors and subwoofers. USA.

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